let sb. down

let sb. down
تَخَلَّى عن \ abandon: to give up, because of difficulties: They had to abandon their plans. desert: to leave wrongly and shamefully: We must not desert our friends in danger. He deserted his wife and children, and went to live in America. forsake: to leave for ever; give up completely: She forsook the religion of her family in favour of that of her husband. give up: not to try any more; stop: He gave up when he got tired. let sb. down: to fail sb.’s trust; not do what is promised or expected; cause shame: He let down the whole team by his unfair play. part with: to allow sth. (or sb.) to leave one’s possession: He’s fond of his old car and refuses to part with it. quit: to leave completely: He quit(ted) his job after quarrelling with his employer. walk out (on): to leave suddenly (sb. to whom one has a duty): He walked out on his wife. \ See Also خذل (خَذَلَ)، ترك (تَرَكَ)، هجر (هَجَرَ)، كَفَّ عن، فارق (فَارَقَ)، تَوَقَّفَ عن عمل

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